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*Capt. Charlie is not the typical average surveyor. He is professional, educated in his field of engineering technology and boat building and very detailed and meticuous with his inspections. Yes I plan to use him again and highly recommend him. --- Lee Dorfman, Patchogue NY

*I found Charles to be professional and reliable. He took the time to explain his observations and his report was extremely detailed with numerous photos. I would recommend him and use him again.--- Paul Healy, Shirley NY

*I liked Charles' resume. He seems to be well rounded in his education for Marine Surveying being a Coast Guard Licensed captain and having studied boat design. His experience as a charter captain gave him many hours of experience on the water which is a requirement for understanding boats and the sea. Charles actually lived on boats as he cruised from NY to Venezuela and explored the Caribbean Islands for many years. He is an excellent source of information on boats. We will use him again. --- Dan Paratore, Selden NY

*Capt. Charlie takes his profession very seriously. He kept in touch over email answering all of my questions before the inspection, he arrived a few minutes before our appointment and was meticuous with his inspection explaining his findings to me in great detail. After I received his detailed report we kept in touch for a few days as he answered my questions and concerns. --- Rick Crain, Mastic NY

*What made me decide to go with Marinetech Surveys was the fact that their specialty is survey inspections. Most other surveyors do damage claims, and all the other things that go with marine surveyeing. Marine Surveying is all they do and Charles' education seemed very well rounded in the Marine industry. --- Alex Shoenburg, Patchogue NY

*Charles did not tell me whether I should buy the boat or not. He told me that decision was mine and mine alone and his job was to find and present the facts for me to decide whether the boat would be suitable for me or not. He steered me in the right direction but knowing that the right boat for someone is dependent not only on the boat but also on the person buying it and his likes and goals he stayed away from direct recommendations and led me to decide for myself after presenting all of the facts. Professionalism at its best with an understanding of just what it means to match the right boat with the right person without telling him directely to buy or not buy. I have his business card and recommend him highly for your boat purchase. --- Brian Holmes, Merrick NY

*I liked his website. He just seemed honest and told it like it is. Very open on his numerous remarks about the industry and helped me see things I didn't realize before concerning the profession. His resume seemed very focused on Marine Surveying and his experience was very specific to boats. He told us about his voyage from NY to Venezuela which showed his love for boats and the sea. Very competent seaman. --- Joseph Colombo, Rocky Point NY