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Decide what boat you want based on what kind of boating you will be doing and what appeals to you AND WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD. Remember there are costs for maintenance, storage, docking and insurance.

Research selling price. You can go to to get an idea of asking prices and deduct 10-15% to determine the selling price. Hopefully, you will have already looked at similar boats and have an idea of what's available and prices. Based on how much the boat sells for and condition of boat, determine how much you're willing to pay for it and make an offer. Start lower.

Once offer is accepted by seller, write up a contract  stating how much you are offering for the boat contingent on the results of a survey. A 10% deposit is customary. Also, the buyer customarilly pays for short-haul but everything is negotiable.

Locate the surveyor of your choice* and coordinate a date and time with him, the seller, and the boat yard that will be hauling out boat for hull inspection. Perhaps you can get two available dates from the surveyor so you don't go back and forth with all parties involved. But at this time it is important to get back to the surveyor with the agreed date ASAP as there are other calls coming in with requests for surveys and the tentative dates cannot be held indefinitely. A couple of hours is reasonable, otherwise when you call the surveyor back with a date agreed with the seller, he may have booked that date with another client!

Try to be present at the survey so that you can see first hand what the problems are with the boat and what the surveyor did and did not do. This will often avoid misunderstandings and allow the surveyor to show you just what the problems are.

Any significant problems found by the surveyor that you did not know about when you made your offer, are subject to re-negotiation with seller. Or you also have the option at this time to not buy the boat and you would be intitled to a refund of your deposit.

Some people feel that if the sale doesn't go through because of unexpected serious problems, the money for the survey will be wasted. A more positive way to look at this is that THE SURVEYOR SAVED YOU FROM BUYING UNEXPECTED PROBLEMS! This is indeed the best spent money.


*Credentials are important. Better to have OTHER sources than the surveyor himself affirming certifications and qualifications. There are too many "self proclaimed" experts out there.